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Our Love

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

22 November 2013 - 22 August 2014


We already engaged for 9 months..!!! happy monthsary u much much u infinity.. 7 months to go..~

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my boyfriend is my bestfriend.. :)

Dear mr Fiancee...u always be my bestfriend.. & always be my favourite...

I cant wait to get married.. :)

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If a girl silent.....

If a girl silent..its dangerous. She's either :

1. Over thingking
2. Tired of waiting
3. About to blow up
4. Needs a hug
5. Falling apart
6. Crying inside
7. All of the above.

So, for guys..BEWARE..!!! 

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Ex Classmate - 5A (2007)


This Eid I have a chance went to ny exclassmate house.. I went to Mimik, Along, Noraini & Farah house. I just met all of them after 6 years. How I miss them..Of course we take a picturee...So, enjoyceeeee~ :D

with my beautiful ladies.. I miss all of u... I wish I can turn back to school life.. So we can enjoy our time together..I wish our relationship till the end.. I love u girls.... :)

terima kasih kerana membaca.. :)

Happy Eid Mubarak


1st of all I want to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslim in the world... This year I celebrate Eid with my beloved fiancee. Because his mother still at Melaka...So he celebrated Eid with my family..

For this year, me & my fiance theme color was soft green..yeayyy...So,  lets enjoy the picture..  :D

1st day Of Eid..we use last year outfit.. :D

with cute brother..E'in..

with my best buddy.. Masz

with my lovely parents..

with my lovely family...

with my handsome uncle..

with my cute little cuzzy... 

cousin, auntie & sister..

with family.. :)

with my lovely family & my fiance..

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