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Our Love

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Lets learn KOREA - Hangul..

I love Korea so much. So I make some research how to speak in Hangul. I love watching korean drama and korean variety show Runningman. From this program I can see many beautiful and historical places at South Korean. So, lets start... *superduperexcited :D

This is a few picture I got from someone blog...

Our daily conversation..


feeling.. is everywhere..saranghae~ 

daily conversation..

daily conversation..

daily conversation..

daily conversation..

InshaAllah one day I will fly to Korea with my family.. my second favourite place after Mekah.. 

Credit to this blog Gabriella Clara

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Lovely Quote

to my fiancee.. Mr Azim.. I hope our relationship always being full with love..

I dont care if u hate me..I just care for person who loves me alot..

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- We met for the 1st time...but we dont talk..just talk about laptop and computer problems..
- We rarely seeing each other even we are in the same campus & in the same department..
- We just contact using SMS...SMS about important thing only..not more than that
- Lost contact


- I sent SMS to u..asking about my laptop problem.
- We still SMS about laptop & so on
- That time u at Miri for Practical Training..& Im still at campus
- U keep telling me, u like me even u never see me in person..But I know, that is for psycho only.
- We share problem..we talk about each other..
-  U came to Kuching...
-  U ask me to see u that day.
-  We met..for the 1st time we talk face-to-face.
-  I'm not remembered ur face..hehehe..but when I see u that day, automatically I smile at u & I just saw u even that place have a lot of people..Just u and me..
- U back to Miri.


-  U ask me to be ur girlfriend..I dont have any intention to be ur girlfriend..Im agree with it..
-  U are nice guy...
-  The way u treat me make me fall in love
-  U at Miri..Im at Kuching..we are in long-distance love.
End Of 2009

- We met as a couple for the 1st time at Polytechnic Mukah.
- I felt so awkward..hahaha
- We spent our time together for the whole semester..
- U came to my house. U are the 1st guy who met my parents & whole my family...

-  U at campus..but im at Kuching for practical training.
-  We just contact through phone, skype
-  We rarely met..
-   U busy with & work
-   U came to see me at Mukah..feel so happy... :)
-   Our 1st anniversary.. :)

Early 2011  

-   We have crisis & we broke up
-   We single for a while..

Mid 2011   

-   We decide to give each other another chance.
-    We being together again..
-    U move to Kuching..I feel so happy.
-    We keep seeing each other.
-     Our 2nd Annniversary

-    U always beside me...yeayyyy
-    Our 3rd Anniversary


 -     I met ur family. I felt so shy..
 -     We going out with ur mother.
 -     Your mother asking, why u dont propose me.??? hahahaha
 -     We buy a ring
 -     U told ur mother to propose me to became ur wife..I felt im the happiest gilr in universe..
-      Our 4th Anniversary

22 November 2013

 -     We are officially ENGAGED. :)

-      We decide to get married end of 2014..but we have financial problem..
-       After discussion, we decide to get married on 20 March 2015..
-       Right now we are struggling saving our money for our event.
-       Our 5th Anniversary
-       I never ask for more...I just want u to accept me for who I am..I just want u to guide our family to Jannah.

I never imagined we are getting married..Right now i already know how much u love me..and now u much i love u...I hope our relationship until Jannah..


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especially to my future man..

Khas buat bakal imamku, bakal suamiku, bakal ayah kepada anak-anak ku..

Wahai calon suamiku,
Aku bukanlah wanita sempurna..
Ku harap keikhlasanmu untuk dapat menerima semua kekuranganku..

Wahai calon suamiku,
Aku akan terus berusaha dan belajar menyesuaikan diriku denganmu...

Wahai calon suamiku,
Bimbinglah aku agar aku dapat menjadi isteri solehah,
Yang dapat selalu menenangkan hati disetiap harimu,
Bimbinglah aku agar aku dapat menjadi ibu penyayang dan penyabar bagi anak-anak kita kelak..

Wahai calon suamiku,
Semoga Allah SWT akan selalu membantu kita mewujudkan keluarga Sakinnah Mawaddah Wa Rahmah dalam redha , petunjuk serta kasih sayang-Nya


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counting month and days..

Today already 12 Ramadhan / 10 July 2014.. How time flies...atleast 8 month lefts for us to make preparation for our big day...Its like yesterday I met him..but now we are counting month, counting days to get married..Alhamdulillah..InshaAllah..everything going smoothly~
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Ramadhan Al Mubarak

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